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    Do you need to take your pet somewhere but prefer to be hands-free? The Mesh Pet Carrier and Backpack is the perfect solution for you. The soft mesh in this comfortable carrier allows your pet to breathe comfortably and see what is going on outside.

    This beautiful carrier is designed for small pets that need to travel short distances. Remember to use the safety hook to secure your pet!

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    Product Details:

    • Material: PVC
    • For small to medium sized pets
    • Small: 12.9 * 9.8 * 13.7 in (33*25*35 cm)
    • Medium: 13.7 * 11 * 15.7 in (35*28*40 cm)

    Product use tips:

    • Don't force your pet inside the carrier
    • Leave the carrier open and let your pet freely move through it without closing it to get associated with it
    • Put some treats inside the carrier to provide a positive association
    • Close the carrier for a few minutes and increase the time as your pet feels comfortable inside
    • Practice carrying your pet inside the house a few times before going outside