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    Pet Cooling Pad Features:

    1. Self cooling: No need to add water, freeze or chill. The fabric adjusts the temperature by absorbing heat. Cool core fabric gives your pet's skin a cool feeling that relaxes them and makes them feel comfortable when it is hot.

    2. Versatile: This mat not only works as a pet cooling mat but also as a pillow, seat cushion or computer cooling pad. This multi-purpose mat is suitable for pets as well as humans!

    3. Safe materials: Made of icesilk. It do not contain chemicals, polymers, glues, crystals or phase change materials. The fibers utilized are all safe and non-irritable. This kind of fabric is light, thin, breathable and comfortable compared to ordinary moisture-proof fabrics.

    4. Washing instructions: The surface of the cooling mat cannot be machine washed. Simply wipe it down using a damp cloth. The inner liner 3D material can be rinsed directly. Taking care of your mat properly will get you years of use out of it.