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    • Guaranteed the best quality + Dog Car Belt (8.95$) FOR FREE!
    • COMPLETE PROTECTION FOR YOUR CAR SEATS: Are you worried about you pets damaging your car seats? Our pet car seat cover provides the ultimate protection against pet scratches and fur. It is just what you need to keep your seats looking good as new.
    • SAFE AND COMFORTABLE FOR PETS: Even without a middle back seat for extra support, the side door window attachment points make this back seat cover work like a hammock to support the weight of your pet. It’s high enough to stop small dogs from jumping to the front or back, and an included dog leash fits into the seatbelt attachment and stops larger dogs from jumping seats too.
    • MADE FOR ULTIMATE DURABILITY: WH-SHOP pet car seat cover is made from tough polyester material that guarantees will stand up to years of use. Reinforced, triple stitched connectors and a rubberized underside hold it in place and ensure it does not slip on the seats.
    • VERSATILE AND EASY TO USE: More than just a dog car seat protector, you do not need to take this out for human passengers. Simply undo the side zips, unhook the front seat headrest loops, and it instantly allows for human seating. It is really that easy.
    • EASY TO INSTALL AND CLEAN: Installing this seat cover in your car literally takes seconds: clip on headrest connector buckles and press the anchors between the back and bottom of the headrest to keep it in place. To clean, simply vacuum pet hair or debris off. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!